Small Farmers Agri- Business Consortium, Kerala
SFAC Kerala, Kerala SFAC, Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium, Kerala SFAC Kerala, Kerala SFAC, Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium, Kerala
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Small Farmers Agri-business
Consortitum, Kerala
( Department of Agriculture, Govt of Kerala )
SFAC Kerala, Kerala SFAC, Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium, Kerala

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a. Governing Body shall be responsible for the mancgement and administration of all affairs of the Society and is also authorized to appoint any office bearer/executive member to look after any particular activity.

11.General Body Meeting: The Society shall hold annual general body meeting at least once in a year and not more than eighteen calendar months shall lapse between two successive annual general meeting. A native of clear 15 days for concerning such a meeting shall be given to the members of the Society, enclosing Agenda specifying date, time, place and issues to be discussed.

a). Quorum: The quorum of the general body meeting shall be l/lOth of the total strength of the general body members of the Society.

b). The business of the annual general meeting shall be:

i). Consider and adopt the annual report and audited accounts of the Society together with the auditors statement on the accounts.

ii). To appoint auditors for the ensuring year.

iii). To amend the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association of SFAC, if necessary.

iv).To elect members to the Governing Body (GB); and

v). To transact any other business as may laid "before it by the Governing Body or brought forward by a member of General Body with permission of the Chairman of the meeting.

c). The President or in his absence the Vice-President or in the absence of both any of the Member voted to the chair by the members present shall preside over the meeting of General Body.

d). The Governing Body may convene special general body meeting to transact some special business of urgent nature. At least seven days notice specifying the object of the meeting shall be served on the members and only the business so specified shall be discussed at such meetings.

e). If 2/3rd of the members make a written request specifying the purpose to the President or to the Managing Director to convene a special general Body meeting, the President or Managing Director shall be bound to call such a meeting of the general body.

In case the votes on any issues for the general body meeting become equal, the person presiding over the meeting as specified in clause 'c' shall have to exercise a casting vote.