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Small Farmers Agri-business
Consortitum, Kerala
( Department of Agriculture, Govt of Kerala )
SFAC Kerala, Kerala SFAC, Small Farmers Agri Business Consortium, Kerala

Our History
Memorandum of Association
Organisational Structure
Vision Document
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The name of the Society shall be "SMALL FARMERS' AGRIBUSINESS CONSORTIUM KERALA" (SFAC, KERALA) (herein after to be referred to as 'SOCIETY' OR 'SF AC'


The REGISTERED OFFICE of the Society shall be situated at Thiruvananthapuram and is functioning temporarily at T.C.No,271l815, "Sreelasyam", Sree Chithira Lane, Vanchiyur.P.O., Thiruvananthapuram - 695035.


AREA of operation of the Society shall be the State ofKerala.


The aims and objects for which the Society is established are here under:

.4. (a). The objective of the Society is to facilitate"production, processing and marketing of agricultural Commodities in the small !arm sector by fostering group activities on a sustainable basis.

This is to be achieved through:

1. by catalyzing agro-industrial ventures in the State based on the principles of economic efficiency, social equity and ecological sustainability;

2. by identifying special areas and ventures which have the potential for creation of additional employment opportunities particularly women and launching special programmes in selected area for the purpose;

3. by promoting, assisting or undertaking programmes for production, processing, product diversification and by-product utilization for the development of such commodities and enterprises;

4. by identifying gaps in the existing system and exploiting appropriate linkage through liaison with thc GovL Departmcnts, Commodity Boards, Public Sector Undertakings, Co-operative Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations and other agencies;

5. by undertaking surveys and studies foe identifying commodities and enterprises which have potenti;11 for development in the State through this approach and facilitating creditf' _h ventures;

6. by organizing inputs, material s.upply and production services through public, private and co-operative sectors;

7. by identifying and promoting post-harvest processing/manufacturing units in the Public, Private and Co-operative sectors;

8. by promoting organization of marketing chains both for.domestic and export marketing; .

9. by encouraging efficient use of marginal land, waste land, cultivable waste land and augmentation of bio-mass production through agro and farm forestry;

1 a.by reviving and strengthening local institutions of the farming community as instruments of decentralization/developmental process in agricultural sector;

Il.by preparing, printing and publishing papers, periodicals, monographs and books in furtherance oftlie objectives of the Society;

12. by creation of institutions for undertaking specific tasks and special services which are essentially required for the promotion of the development activities sponsored by the Society and for which the existing arrangements in the State are inadequate;

, 13.by sponsoring specific research projects relevant to the activities of the Society to the research organizations with appropriate funding;

14. by organizing special training programmes for the transfer. of teclmology so developed;

IS. by building a cadre of skilled managers for managing the affairs of various activities and enterprises;

16.by providing financial assistance for the projects in agriculture and am_d subjects. in the form of equity participation; .

4(b). In pursuant of the aforesaid objectives, the society may:

i. make rules and by-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the society and add to amend vary or rescind tem from time to time;

ii. borrow money required for the purpose of the societyu wit or witour secirty upon suc terms and suc manner as may be determined by the overnin body of the society.

iii. invest any money of the society not immediately required for any of its objects in suc a manner as the overnin body may in its absouute discretion determine;

iv. meet out of funds of the society all expenses wic the society may incur wit respect to the formation, reistration and operations of the society;

v. open bank accounts of any typoe includin overdraft account and to operate the same in ordinary course of business;

vi. own, establis or ave maintain officers, brances and aencies for the purpose of acarryin on its business;

vii. promote, form, condust or associate in the promotion, formation or conduct of companies, subsidiaries, societies or suc otherl association of persons as it may deem fit;

viii. sell or idpose offf the undertakloms of the society or any part tereof for any suc considerations as the society may tink fir, and in particular for sares, debentures or securities or any otherl company avin objectrs altoeter or in part similar to tose of the society;

xi. enter into partnersip or any joint venture wit any company, society, assoiciation or person or to c0o-operate wit or subsidies or assist in any way wit suc company, society, association or any person; and

xii. to do all other things as the society may consider necessary, incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objectives.

4(c). all otherl income, earnins movable, immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set fort in the Memorandum of Association and no profit on tereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by wayof dividents, bonus, profits or in any manner wat so ever to the present or past members of the society. No member of the society shall ave any pesonal claims on any movabl eor immovable properties of the Society or make on any profits whatsoever, by virtue of his. membership, provided, however that, nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment, in bood faitho[ remuneration to any member thereof or other person in return for any services rendered to the Society or for traveling allowances, halting or similar charges.

4(d). Other objectives incidental to the main objects;

Without prejudice in the above objects and for effectively carrying out the same, the Society shall have power to receive, hold and possess the corpus Fund and any property including securities of any kind and to facilitate the same to certain recurring income to the Society.

Definition and Interpretations

Membership of the society


The Governing Body shall be formulated with the Governments' order nominating Agricultural Production Commissioner as President, Secretary to Government [Agriculture] as Vice- President, Director of Agriculture, office representing ITom finance Department, Science and Technology Department, State planning Board and three non-official Members nominated by Govt. of Kerala and Managing Director, Central SF AC, New Delhi as Members. The Managing Director, SFAC, Kerala is the Member Secretary of the Governing Body.

(c). The Governing Body shall have the power to appoint the Managing Director of SF AC, Kerala, nominated by the Govt. of Kerala considering the request of the Governing Body.

(d). Strength: The strength of Governing Body shall not be less than seven and not more than twenty one [including office bearers and execmives].

e). Term: The term of Members of the Governing Body shall be two years except for the Govt. of Kerala nominees and the Managing Director, Central SF AC, New Delhi.

f). Notice: Minimum seven days notice shall.be required for every Governing Body meeting of the Society but urgent Governing Body meeting can be called by 24 notice.

g). Quorum: Quorum of every Governing Body meeting shall be 2/3rd of the total strength of the Governing Body [including office Bearers and Executives]

h). Meeting: The Governing Body meeting shall be held once in three months regularly or as and when the Governing Body of the Society may decide from time to time.

i). Urgent Meeting: The urgent Governing Body meeting may be called by a 24 hour notice but quorum for the same urgent Governing Body meeting shall be 2/3rd of the total strength of the Governing body of the Society.

Functions and Powers of GoverningBody

Rights and privileges of members:

a). to vote, if present at the meeting of the general body.

b). to serve as Director of the Society; if selected

c). no person shall be entitled to transfer his membership in the Society.

d). all members of the Society shall be entitled to participate in meetings, cultural, educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called/arranged by the Society.

e). all members have right to collect the identity card after depositing the required/prescribed fee [fixed by the Governing Body of the Society from time to time]

Duties of the members:

a). to elect the governing body of the Society.

b). to attend the general body meetings regularly.

c). to give the necessary information to the Society, pertaining to any matter which is necessary to be known by the Society.

d). not indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the aims and objects and/or the Rules and Regulations of the Society. .

Register of members:

A register of members shall be maintained in the office of the Society, in which all relevant details shown in the application shall be noted and nomination if any made and any changes thereafter shall be noted from time' to time after placing all the facts before the Governing Body.

Governing Body:

a). Definition:

The Governing Body of the Society is the brain of the Society. The activities of the Society arc managed, executed and supervised by the Governing Body. Governing Body is required to act within the framework of the objects of the Society as well as to carry out the statutory duties laid down in the Act.

xiii. to empower or authorize by resolution any of the members of the Governing Body to represent the Society in legal proceedings.

xiv. to create posts necessary for running the Society and to prescribe Rules for filling them up.

xv. to appoint sub committee for any specific purpose.

Composition of Governing Body:

The composition of the Governing Body consisting of President, Vice-President and the Managing Director ,SF AC, Kerala shall be as under:

i). President - Agricultural Production Commissioner, KeraIa.

ii). Vice-President - Secretary to Govt. [Agriculture].

iii). Members:

1. Managing Director, Central SF AC, New Delhi. -1 No.

2. Director of Agriculture [Treasurer)     -1 No.                   

3. Office representing Finance Dpt. -1 No
4. Chief [Agri], State Planning Board -1 No
5. Office representing Science & Technology Department -1 No
6. Nominated by Govt of Kerala [Non - official] - 3 Nos
7. Institutions/Commercial Banks: -5 Nos.
8. Co-operative institutions/individuals . -5 Nos.

(iv). Member - Secretary ­ Managing Director, SF AC, Kerala.

Powers and Duties of Office Bearers

Service Rules and Regulations:

a). The Society may frame and adopt Rules and Regulations as per their requirement for employees of the Society with the approval of the Governing Body and the concurrence of the Govt..of Kerala.

b). Wherever the Society has not framed/adopted Rules and Regulations in terms or" the relevant bye - laws, the Society shall follow State GovL Civil Service Rules for the purpose of appointment, service' conditions and clarification, control, appeal and superannuating matters.

c). Terms and conditions of consultant or such functionaries engaged by the Society for specific activity shall be governed by terms and conditions mutually agreed to by the Society and Consultant or such other functionaries at thc timc of thcir engagement.

Delegation of powers:

The President and Managing Director shall have the power to delegate anyone or more powers and functions conferred on them as per Rules to be prescribed.


In case, any member of the Society is expelled on the reason of non-payment of subscription, he can be readmitted, provided the member concerned pays,all up to datc ducs with permission of the Govcrning Body.


All appeals shall bepreparecl to the General Body of the Society and the decision of the General Body shall be the final.

Source of Income:

The Society may receive gifts, grants, donations and benefactions from Govt-. or any other source in or outside India and the same shall be utilized only for .the promotion and upliftment of the Aims and Objects of the Society.


1. The Society shall maintain a fund to be called credited: SFAC fund to which shall be

a).All sums of money that may be provided by the Govt.

b). All subscriptions and charges received by the members.

c). All sums of money generated from gift commodities by the Society or received by way of grants, donation and

d). All sums of money received by the Society in any other manner or from any other source.

2. All sums of money credited to the said fund shall, subject to the regulations,. If any made in this behalf be deposited with any Nationalized Bank or Public Finance Institution approved by the Governing Body.

3. The said fund shall be applied to\vards meeting the administrative and other expenses of the Society including in the exercise of powers and the discharge of its functions and responsibilities or in relation to any of the activities referred to in the Articles.

Financial Year:

Financial year of the Society shall start from 1st April to 31st March, every year.

Preparation of accounts and Balance sheet:

The balance sheet and the accounts of the Society shall be prepared in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed by the Governing Body.

The Governing Body shall cause the books and accounts of the society, to be closed and balanced as 31st day of March every year.


1. The accounts of the Society shall be audited by Auditors duly qualified to act as auditors of Companies under the Companies Act and the appointment of auditors and remuneration payable to them shall be subject to the approval of the Governing Body.

2. Every auditor in the performance of his duties shall have all reasonable time to access books, accounts and other documents of the Society.

3. The auditors shall submit their report to the Governing Body.

Amendment: These Rules and Regulations shall not be altered, modified, amended or repealed in any manner except by a resolution passed not less than 2/3rd majority of votes of the members of the Governing Body who are present and voting .The proposed amendment shall be first notified in detail in the Agenda for such meeting of the Governing Body.

Dissolution: If at any time the Governing Body unanimously find that the affairs of the Society can not be carried out due to some unforeseen contingencies or for reasons beyond the control of the Governing Body the Governing Body may convene a General Body meeting and the Society 'Shall be dissolved by a special resolution passed by the 3/41h majority of the total number of members of the Society. Condition of such dissolution and the manner in which the assets shall be disposed off shall be detailed in the notice calling for such extra-ordinary General Body meeting for passing such a special resolution. Upon dissolution the assets after satisfying all debts and liabilities will be vested with the Government as per the provisions laid down under section 24 of Travancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act 1955.

Legal Proceedings:

The Society may sue or be sued in the name of the Managing Director.


a).Any members failing to attend three meetings of the General Body consecutively with out assigning sufficient reason shall cease to be a member.

b).Any member of the Governing Body other than the President, Vice-President and the Managing Director, nominated, selected and elected failing to attend three meetings of the Governing Body consecutively without assigning sufficient reasons shall cease to be a member and member of the Governing Body of the Society.

Application of the Act:

All provisions of the Travancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955 shall apply to the Society.

35.Essential Certificate: Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

Sl No

Name & Address




Shri.Palat Mohandas lAS,

Agricultural Production-


Govt. Secretariat,


Agricultural Production


Govt of Kerala


Shri.C.S.Srinivasan lAS,

Secretary to Govt.[Agri.]

Govt. Secretariat,


Secretary to Government [Agriculture]

Govt. of Kerala .


Shri.Sudhir Kumar IAS,

Managing Director,

Central SFAC,

New Delhi - 16.

Managing Director, Central SF AC,

New Delhi.



Latha Bhavan,



Govt. Nominee



Director of Agri.

Vikas Bhavan,


Director of Agriculture,

Govt. of Kerala.




Under Secretary to-

Govt. [Finance ],

Govt. Secretariat,


Under Secretary to Govt.[Finance],

Govt. of Kerala.



Managing Director,

SFAC, Vanchiyur P.O.,

Thiruvananthapuram - 35.

Member Secretary, SF AC, [Kerala]

Govt. of Kerala